Cargo Netting Applications

Nov 13, 2018 | Automotive Straps, Cargo Straps, Multi Use Straps

Cargo netting, while traditionally reserved for product containment during transportation and safe lifting of cargo, has undergone quite the shift in usage. Now, we see cargo nets as resources for everything from commercial decorative use to military training to industrial functional tools.

Because cargo net material can be virtually any color and assembled into any pattern, the options and possibilities are endless. We see custom cargo netsused on playgrounds, in military and hardcore workout training, even at various Zoo exhibits. In fact, the Philadelphia Zoo has a lion path observatory where their beloved lions can overpass freely in an open area above spectators (all thanks to cargo netting). Also, we bet you didn’t know that many large animals are transported using cargo nets instead of cages due to the fact that the open face of netting prevents harm to the animal during transport.

Playground cargo nets are a fantastic and fun way for kids to play high above the ground without worry of falling. We see cargo nets instead of hard material structures surrounding ‘sky tunnels’ on playgrounds so that kids can experience the height of the obstacle without fear of danger. Cities and parks can even have insurance costs reduced when cargo nets are installed on playgrounds because of the added safety factor.

Military and fitness organizations use cargo netting as training tools. Climbing cargo nets with precision and speed create the ultimate challenge, and the application of these nets is vital to the success of personnel and competitors.

Ships often use cargo nettingas solutions for many situations. Ship passengers who are stranded in water can climb to safety using cargo nets (stored aboard a ship). Troops can safely transfer from a ship to a landing craft. A physical barrier can be constructed with cargo nets so that people are unable to fall overboard.

Because cargo netting can be constructed from so many different materials, including polyester, nylon, polypropylene, cotton, leather, we can customize every application to meet the needs of the project at hand. Whether the end use is for leisure, a safety precaution or for functional application, our team at MISC Products can create the perfect industrial cargo net, military cargo net, playground cargo net or specialty cargo net.