Best Uses of Cargo Tie Downs, Ratchet Straps and Slings

Dec 6, 2018 | Automotive Straps, Cargo Straps, Multi Use Straps

A ratchet strap is a strong and durable strap for loading, securing and unloading cargo. Because they are so versatile, we see industrial ratchet straps used frequently for applications such as moving, hauling goods, securing heavy items in transport, and even personal uses such as securing volleyball nets and hammocks. Most often, ratchet straps are made of a webbed polyester blend, and come in two separate pieces with a hardware attachment.

In order for these pieces to work together, you first release the ratchet. Then, thread the strap through and begin preparing to secure your item(s). To secure your item(s), you will pull back on the metal trigger and see that the strap is coiling around the center of the apparatus. As you continue to wind the strap, you will feel the strap securing to your item tighter and tighter. You will want to try shifting your item a bit to ensure that the ratchet straphas secured the item, so it does not move or shift at all.

A cargo tie down strap is used to secure cargo and can also be any combination of ratchet straps and/or sling(s). Ratchet straps, slings, cargo tie downsand cargo straps are often relied upon to properly load and secure large items to vehicles like trucks, Jeeps, other SUVs or vans, and we will highlight some of these below.

Straps for Cargo Securement

The most common use of ratchet straps and cargo tie downs is for securing cargo in loading, moving and unloading situations. Whether it’s moving a large item such as a TV with a pickup truck or securing several household appliances into the back of a van, cargo straps are by far the quickest and safest measure. The Department of Transportation has spent years researching and testing equipment to set guidelines for ratchet straps as the best method of safe securement of cargo loads.

Pickup Truck Bed Straps

Ratchet straps, although more often used for cargo, can also be a convenient way to secure grocery bags and shopping bags. You can use the straps and tie downs to loop bag handles so that the bags don’t blow away or shift around the back.

Commercial Trucking Straps

We’ve all seen flatbeds and trailers cruising down the highway with ratchet straps holding cargo, anything from household goods to shipping crates, but professional/commercial trucks use ratchet straps, slings and cargo tie downs outside – and inside – their trailers.

Professional Moving Straps

One of the most important tools for professional movers is tie down straps. Cargo tie straps and ratchet straps make their jobs so much easier, they would not be able to complete a job without them. Straps prevent load shifts, tighten cargo securement, and help get the most use of space inside crates, trucks and trailers. Additionally, cargo straps can be used to tighten moving blankets for protecting furniture and other sensitive surface material items. These straps help keep the blankets in place.

ATV Strap Securement

With ATVs being so popular for weekend activities, many people transport ATVs on a trailer. In order to make sure the ATV stays in place while in transport, cargo and ratchet straps are the preferred securing method. When wrapped around the tires and secured to the sides of the trailer, the ATV is sure to stay in place while also easy to strap down and unstrap.

Motorcycle Trailer Straps

Motorcycles aren’t always driven to their destination, they are towed on a trailer instead. Ratchet and cargo strapsare perfect for tying down motorcycles and making sure they don’t shift in tow.

Car Towing Straps

Towing a car is usually done by a professional, however, many trucks have towing capabilities and we see cars being towed by trucks all the time now. It’s very important to make sure that the car in tow is properly secured with industrial strength cargo tie down straps. Professional tow trucks use ratchet tow straps, once they have loaded a vehicle onto the flatbed of their tow truck. These straps are usually wrapped around the vehicle’s tires and then secured to the built-in strap hooks on the trailer.

Straps to Pull a Vehicle out of the Mud or Snow

Mud can be fun, but it can also cause quite a disturbance! Whether an ATV, snowmobile, truck, tractor or automobile, if you are stuck in the mud or snow, you will almost always need cargo straps to get you out. Because nylon webbing is the most durable, these are the straps that are used most often in towing a vehicle from a sticky (or not so sticky) spot.

Bicycle Tie Down Straps

When you are headed off for an active weekend of hiking and bicycling, you may need to secure your bike to the back of your car or SUV.Cargo tie down strapsare used to provide additional securement when attaching a bicycle to a rack. You can also rely on ratchet straps to make sure that bicycles don’t move or shift with any quick traffic movements.

Lifting Slings and Straps

When you have to move a heavy object, it is always helpful to have lifting slings, ratchet straps and a dolly. We often see slings and strapsused to move refrigerators, washers, dryers and dressers. Lifting slings help distribute the weight of the object, too, making it easier to maneuver through doors and halls.

Luggage Straps

Whether you are storing luggage away in the garage or transporting luggage on a rack on your vehicle, it’s always a good idea to use luggage straps. Imagine the chaos if your luggage were to come loose on its rack and fall onto the freeway as you are driving! Cargo tie downs and ratchet straps are great for added protection to your luggage.