Automotive Industry Focuses on Features such as Convenient Straps

Dec 10, 2018 | Automotive Straps

Do you ever stop to think about what it takes to manufacture all of the convenience features we enjoy inside a vehicle? Hundreds of thousands of people shopping for vehicles will make decisions based on features available, all thanks to the people who work for automotive strap manufacturers.

Often times, automotive brands take the credit for creating these features inside vehicles – and in many cases, it is rightfully so. We know that the engineering behind new automobiles comes directly from the manufacturer, but, in reality, features such as a vehicle seat strap(and other convenient inclusions) inside any automobile are carefully constructed by an automotive supply company such as MISC Products. Our talented team makes the straps that allow you to pack your vehicle full of cargo, utilize stow and go areas, secure cargo with tie downs, and access the nooks and crannies.

The straps and harnesses are manufactured by automotive suppliers in accordance with specifications provided by the automotive company. Several factors play into the final assembly of each of these added features, but the goal is always the same – to manufacture the highest quality of each automotive strap. Our engineering, prototyping, design and manufacturing process is second to none – we work diligently to ensure that every product is matched to the standards for which the vehicle you’ve purchased delivers.

The truth is, at MISC Products, we have a passion and a deep understanding of just how fortunate we are to create products that help make peoples’ lives easier. In every case, and at every turn, we know that each application that crosses our line must meet the utmost and highest of quality standards. Every person who enters into a vehicle equipped with our straps can rest assured that they have been quality tested in a rigorous process.

From the material, fabric, stitching, sewing, attachments, notions, assembly and quality standard measures, we deliver the best for our clients. We know that every one of our clients has a consumer in mind, and that every consumer is consciously deciding to purchase a vehicle with the best available options. We understand that people rely on automotive strapsfor many reasons.

Here are a few common automotive strapping applications:

  1. Automotive seat straps. These are the vehicle’s straps that often feature latches, hooks, Velcro or cording for the purpose of securement.
  2. Automotive hook and loop (Velcro) straps.The highest grade of hook and loop is used in our automotive applications, and depending on the vehicle, can have many uses.
  3. Automotive tie downs. Automotive tie downsare often used in the hatch, bed or trunk area of a vehicle.
  4. Webbing straps. Automotive webbing strapsare found anywhere from the cargo pull straps to the hatch back lift.
  5. Nylon straps. Automotive nylon strapsare commonly found inside the vehicle for pulling seats forward, releases, and other applications.
  6. Elastic strapsAutomotive elastic cording and strapsare found in the vehicle’s novelty features, such as the glove box compartment.