Automotive Hook and Loop (Velcro) Straps

Dec 1, 2018 | Automotive Straps, Multi Use Straps

Automotive Velcro Applications

Velcro (hook and loop) has proven to be one of the most innovative inventions in history. Let’s take a look at how Velcro has changed the automotive industry and created ease of use in several pull strap features we all take advantage of today.

First, a brief history on how Velcro came to be. It was invented by a Swiss engineer named George de Mestral in 1948, when he got some burs on his wool socks while walking his dog one day. He noticed how the wool loops and the burs clung together so tightly yet were able to be pulled apart with just a bit of effort. He decided to emulate this phenomenon with pieces of velour to a crocheted nylon, thus creating what we all refer to today as Velcro, or hook and loop fasteners.

Velcro fastening has reinvented how we live our lives every day – integrated with our shoes, clothes, belts, straps, etc. We even use Velcro to hang frames and photos in our homes and secure attachments and notions such as bracelets, watches and bundled strips such as electric cords. It’s no wonder that we use Velcro in our automobiles, too.

In an article written in 1984, there was a big promise of Velcro in automobiles. At the time, William Kessler was the manager of Velcro`s transportation division in Troy, Michigan, said ”We`ve got a runaway success on our hands.” From 1980 to 1985, Velcro automotive application increased from almost zero to nearly a third of all Velcro sales. So, while a car built in 1980 had zero Velcro straps, the 1986 Pontiac 6000 was utilized Velcro to replace trunk light lenses, the front grille, the radio, air conditioning outlets, arm rests and even fenders (thus eliminating 50 pounds of weight).

Now, let’s take a look at how Nylon Velcro straps are used in most automobiles manufactured today. At MISC Products, we specialize in manufacturing automotive Velcro strapsfor tier one and OEM suppliers, with ultimate installation of our products in larger designs for convenience features in vehicles. Our Velcro straps are used in vehicles to securely attach and release straps in cargo areas, seat backs, recliners, storage compartments and more. Hook and loop fasteners are also commonly used in automobiles to attach trim to seats, arm rests, head rests and head liners, as well as to install floor coverings.

The material and strength of each of our custom Velcro straps is quality tested before it leaves our warehouse. Our team of professionals ensure the entire process, from engineering and prototyping to production and delivery, is smooth and seamless. MISC Products utilizes a quality planning, process monitoring, statistical analysis, corrective/preventative actions, and supplier monitoring to drive continuous improvement. All of our webbing, straps, harnesses and cargo straps can have Velcro integrated into the custom engineering of the application, and we always deliver defect-free products on time, every time.